Johanna & Stephen’s Wedding

Johanna is an enigmatic woman, with an amazing calm. She looks quite serious in our getting ready photo, as through circumstance beyond our control we were left with about 12 minutes to do her makeup!! The job got done without a second to lose, and she looked AMAZING. Johanna rocks the red lip with total ownership. Love it.

Hubby Stephen doesn’t look too bad either. A beautiful couple. Xx

Rebekah’s Wedding at Sirromet Winery

Rebekah is a gorgeous girl, inside and out. We had very early morning makeup preparations as her nuptials were at 10am at Sirromet Winery, which had us getting up with the birds 🙂 A little bit of coffee, followed by some bubbly had everyone ready to go! What a stunning bridal party, and such a handsome groom (a paralympian no less). Stunning!

Sarah and Tony’s Wedding

Sarah and Tony are a beautiful couple!  Tony is like a brother to me, and I am beside myself that he found such a lovely girl to marry as Sarah. She was stunning bride and it was such a pleasure to do her makeup!

Hayley’s Country Wedding

Hayley was one of the most unique and creative brides we’ve ever met. She’s a professional photographer so colour was important to her and orange was the theme! She designed everything from her beautiful dress to the hairpieces for her bridesmaids. The wedding was held on a remote property out west and everything looked amazing, old furniture hired from a theatre was scattered in an orchard. After finishing the makeup we were invited to stay, have a champagne and watch the bride, her bridesmaids and her two pet dogs wander down the “aisle” (a field!) to her waiting groom. Was very beautiful.

Carrie & Sean’s Beautiful Byron Wedding

This was the wedding day of a very special friend of ours, marrying a very special man. Carrie and Sean got married outside of Byron at a gorgeous property in the hills called “Gurragawee”. Both Marni and I did the makeup for this wedding, the wedding and the makeup was vintage inspired. Marni wore two hats that day as she was also a Bridesmaid. Carrie is wonderfully creative, with beautiful taste, which was evident in every part of the day. She will never forget it and nor will her family and friends.

We’re loving ‘Amazing Face’ by Zoe Foster

Amazing Face by Zoe Foster

We are big fans of Zoe Foster’s book ‘Amazing Face’. To some she may need no introduction, but for others, here is the low down.

She was the respected Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, followed by Harper’s Bazaar, then Primped and she now writes for Mamamia. She has written several novels, however our favourite book is AMAZING FACE a book full of stuff about beauty stuff that we all want to know! And Zoe knows her stuff! And she writes it oh, so well. She is totally entertaining and very funny in her wisdom (you would think so, being engaged to the HOT and hilarious Hamish Blake).

Amazing Face by Zoe Foster

The book is filled with beauty “how-to’s” from her years of trying gazillions of products from every brand under the sun, as you do when you are a beauty editor for the likes of Harper’s. Not to mention she’s picked up a thing or two hob-nobbing with fashion and beauty elite, as well as the worlds best hair and makeup artists. And she shares all these easy to follow tips in Amazing Face. For those who aren’t in the know, it is easy to digest and probably something they’d want to know more about. And for the well informed beauty, you are going to love it as it is full of fab inspiration!