Meet Marni & Aisling

Close friends for many years, we’ve both always shared an infatuation with makeup and its power to transform a woman’s appearance and confidence. Together we have over 15 years experience as professional makeup artists, and still enjoy careers that include clients such as Channel 9, Marie Claire, Lifestyle Channel, Who Magazine and Grazia. Among the well known faces we have done are Jennifer Hawkins, Kate Miller Heidke, Megan Washington, Natalie  Gruzlewski, Lisa McCune, Ruby Rose, Laura Dundovic, Jane Kennedy, Stephanie Rice and Libby Trickett, to name just a few!

We have done our fair share of men’s makeup as well. From Ray Martin, Bernard Fanning and the Powderfinger boys, Josh Lawson, Christian Clark, Shane Warne, Peter Brock, Jason Sudiekis, to the The Inbetweeners. We sure have a tale or two to tell!

We’ve both studied the art of makeup. Marni received her diploma from The Frampton Institute of Cinemagraphic Makeup Artistry taught by the Oscar winning Peter Frampton and Aisling studied in Vancouver at Blanche Macdonald Centre.

One morning over coffee, we were discussing the thrill we get out of teaching everyday women how to apply their own makeup and the transformation they experience. It ends up being less about the physical and more about the fantastic confidence that overcomes them. We’ve both been asked so many times by friends, family and clients if we can teach them how to do their own makeup. And so … The Foundation was born.

Aisling Cunningham & Marni Robinson.